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Fandom Inspiration: (Brony) Weddings are Magic!

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I know there are tons of bronies & pegasisters out there – quite a few of them are good friends of mine – and what better way to start off my new nerdy wedding blog than with a super colorful fandom inspiration board for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? This post is full of ideas for a magical wedding, whether you just want subtle hints at your favorite pony, or you want to full-out transport your guests to Equestria. Read on for food, fashion, decor, and more, with plenty of links for the DIY bride, too!There are quite a few different ways to integrate your favorite ponies into your bridal party’s outfits, hair, and accessories.
Some brides love the idea of shirking the traditional white dress and finding something brighter, and I say go for it! If you can find the dress of your dreams in a crazy color, I’m sure the residents of Equestria would support you even if it wasn’t chosen to match your favorite pony. If you’re more traditional, and want a hint of bright color based on your favorite pony without giving up the white dress, try a colored crinoline (I’ve bought a few from Cats Like Us, they’re awesome). For your bridesmaids, there are so many options. A good starting point is to have each girl choose her favorite pony (if they don’t like MLP as much as you, assign them based on personalities or favorite colors). Then, they can each choose a dress in that color scheme, or if you want matching dresses, they can pick shoes or other accessories based on that pony (these shoes are all fabulous, too!).

The groom and groomsmen can be involved, too – why should the girls get to have all the fun? Customized cutie mark converse would be amazing (there are tons of options on Etsy, and you could DIY them easily), and each groomsman can have a different colored tie to match their favorite pony. Don’t forget the boy pony options, like Big Macintosh, the boys from the Wonderbolts, and of course Spike.

Another way to add a lot of color and personality to your look on the big day is with your bouquet. You could always theme your bouquet (and your bridal party’s) off of the different ponies, but bright bouquets with a mix of color look amazing and can tie together all of the different elements of your wedding really well.

As someone who loves colorful hair and constantly envies those who have it, I think a pony-inspired ‘do can be perfect for your wedding day without being super obvious that it’s an ode to MLP. Plus, who doesn’t think brightly colored hair looks stunning with a white dress? This pink-haired bride is gorgeous! If you don’t want to do any permanent dying, there are a lot of options for clip-ins on Etsy (including amazing rainbow fishtail extensions to be braided into your hair), and you could probably have a set custom made to match your favorite pony. On the far left are Lauren Conrad’s famous tie-dyed tips (you can also achieve the look with chalking for a temporary version) for a gentler hit of color.

My favorite idea for decor at a MLP themed wedding is to have each table at the reception themed to match a different pony.If you want to obviously be having a My Little Pony themed wedding, not only would you color coordinate each table to a different pony, but you could also name each table after it’s pony and match the escort cards to the table by using cutie marks or something fun like that. If you want to do a more subtle, inspired-by kind of reception, you can still color-coordinate the tables, but just match the escort cards by color, or with a table number. Fellow bronies at the wedding will totally know what table was inspired by which pony, but you won’t overwhelm anyone with theming if you don’t want to. The tablescapes and centerpieces pictured above are only a few options – orange for Applejack (adding some apples to the table could be fun too, or a more rustic allover design for that table), pink and yellow for Fluttershy (maybe you could add some tiny butterflies to the floral arrangements, or tiny bunnies at each place setting?), green and purple for Spike (lots of candles, or more medieval theming could work for this table, too), and pink and purple for Twilight Sparkle (another option would be to integrate books into the centerpieces for this one).As for locations, a barn or farm would be amazingly perfect. Any outdoor space would work well, though. For decor, these DIY cloud lanterns are gorgeous, easy to make, and would be stunning covering the ceiling of your reception space (or even as a backdrop for your ceremony). I also think ribbons are the perfect thing for decorating any space for a pony-inspired wedding – they add tons of bright color and can be used in so many different ways. This DIY for crepe paper streamers (the background in the 3rd image above) would also make an amazing photo backdrop or altar backdrop, and can be completely customized to match any pony’s color scheme.

Mmm, food. We all know that the ponies love just about anything delicious, and there are some great ways to add some Equestria flair to your wedding day without screaming “HEY FAMILY MEMBERS, I’M A GROWN ADULT AND I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY!” Of course, if you want to show off your brony status, you can get a little more specific with your food and beverage choices to show it off more. 🙂For cocktail hour, how cute would it be to have this yummy pink popcorn? It’s a super fun twist on a classic bar snack, and I think Pinkie Pie would be proud. Speaking of things Pinkie Pie would be proud of, how about some themed jello shots in lieu of themed cocktails? These Rainbow Dash-esque jello shooters are a wickedly fun way to get the party started at your reception instead of another mojito with someone’s name slapped in front of it (this other rainbow jello shot option is pretty fab, too). If you want to do themed cocktails, you need to check out this list of pony-inspired drinks that all sound delicious and weirdly fitting (ooh, how about a secret drink menu for the other bronies at the party? Just use your favorite pony’s name to order!). For dinner, I think trays of different miniature comfort foods would be perfect – like teeny grilled cheese, mini burgers, spoons of mac and cheese, and any food you love to eat.The options for dessert at a My Little Pony wedding are practically endless. You could stick with the miniature food theme and have the world’s most adorable “banana splits” (that I’m pretty sure Pinkie Pie invented), and maybe mini caramel apples for Applejack and teeny pink lemonade cupcakes for Fluttershy? Maybe you want to do a dessert bar – this elegant and sparkly purple setup would make Rarity proud. If you want to do a traditional wedding cake after dinner, how fun would it be to surprise your guests with rainbow layers? I don’t think anyone wouldn’t smile when served that slice of cake. Bonus points for a beautiful rainbow of butterflies or other tiny creatures cascading down the outside of the cake. If you’re planning a pony-themed wedding, you and your fiance are probably both bronies (right?), so why not make a cake topper out of your two favorite cutie marks?

+For even more My Little Pony wedding inspiration, you can check out the Nerd Weddings My Little Pony board on pinterest.
+ If Rainbow Dash is your favorite pony, try out this tutorial for gorgeous rainbow eyeliner for a 20% cooler bridal makeup look.
+ Check Etsy for awesome bridesmaid gifts, like cutie mark clutches or jewelry. Many sellers are happy to offer customized work!
+ Rainbow Honey is an indie nail polish brand that made the most stunning MLP nail polish collection! So pretty.
+ For serious bronies, check out this cake topper featuring Princess Cadance and Shining Armor.

If you have any ideas or inspirations for a My Little Pony-inspired wedding, please share them with us! 🙂


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