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Cool Venue Alert: The Burke Museum

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Holy awesome venue, Batman! Not that this venue has anything to do with Batman. That’s just what I saw when I find something super cool – and The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is super cool.

When I found The Burke Museum on flickr (normal people search for dinosaur themed weddings, right? Right??), I had some trouble containing myself. If I live anywhere near Washington – alright, anywhere in the western half of the country – and I was engaged, I would book this place on the spot. Every detail in these photos is squee-worthy, from the teeny hedgehog chilling at a reception table, the dinosaur over the bar, all of the florals and greenery, to the lab setup for the candy/dessert bar (I don’t think they’de actually let you use their geodes as candy bowls but it’s such a cool idea!). I might like dinosaurs more than, well, most adults, but how can anyone not think this is a perfect reception venue?

Check out more photos below, plus even more on flickr. You can find out more about The Burke Museum here, and read all about events here.


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