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Geeky Goodies: Dice!

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I never played Dungeons & Dragons or any other game that needed more than a standard die until I met my boyfriend. Now I’m fascinated with dice of all shapes and sizes, and I’m unnecessarily proud of my sparkly pink “princess” dice. Dice can be used in so many different ways for a wedding…click through for a list of geeky dice-themed goodies that would be awesome at any gamer’s wedding.1. Vivid Blue D20 Cufflinks by Angelyques Trinkets on Etsy – A quick search on Etsy will bring up cufflinks in just about any color and style of D20 you want!
2. Abundant Growth Kanzashi Hair Clip by Mountain Musings on Etsy – This seller on Etsy has an amazing variety of gorgeous fabric hair flowers (there’s a whole section for ones with dice!) called kanzashi, which are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. She also offers custom flowers, so you can match your wedding colors perfectly!
3. Black D20 Adjustable Ring by Gr0glmann on Etsy – How cute would these be as gifts for nerdy bridesmaids?? And then you could do a photo of all of the girls holding out their rings to show off along with the bride! This seller also offers a wide variety of nerdy jewelry (and cufflinks galore in another shop).
4. D&D Dice Necklace by Eternal Elf Creations on Etsy – This gorgeous D20 necklace is unique in that in incorporates chainmaille! Search “dice” in her shop for more awesome necklaces (and chainmaille dice bags, eee!).
5. Slim D20 Cufflinks by followthechris on Etsy – The D20 cufflinks are a bit different from the rest, and they’re ingenious. By cutting the dice in half (after making sure they match your wedding colors), the cufflinks fit closer to your sleeve for a much more streamlined look. So smart!
6. D20 Lollipop by Think Geek – The perfect nerdy wedding favor for old-school paper and pencil gamers.
7. D20 Dice Tie Pin by MageStudio on Etsy – This seller offers a wide variety of awesome accessories (the dice section is huge!), but their most unique item is definitely their D20 tie pins. A necessity for the stylish gamer groom.
8. D12 Noble’s Bauble by Loki’s Lucky Charms on Etsy – This seller offer’s a wide variety of die pendants with the fun twist of adding a little bit of backstory to each, like the Lady Assassin’s Charm, or the Frenzied Barbarian’s Charm. Fun!
9. D20 Garter Set by Kizette on Etsy – This garter set includes a garter for the bride to keep plus a toss garter, both adorned with D20’s. Definitely a fun surprise for your gamer groom if you’re not planning a gaming-inspired wedding.

Bonus link! These paper dice templates could really come in handy for DIYing some dice-based favors or decor for a gaming wedding.


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