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Real Weddings: A Very Potter Proposal

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Reddit user roopjm just shared this awesome Harry Potter proposal. A friend of the couple, user dazed118, shared a bit more insight into the proposal in this thread as well. Click through to read more about the whole proposal, and to see some close-up shots of the amazing necklace he used in the proposal.

According to the groom, it took 5 months to organize the proposal.

[The groom] rented an owl handler (from Florida) and had him drive up to their weekend get away cabin in North Carolina. The gentleman dressed as Hagrid and presented my friend and his lady with the owl holding a scroll that read:

“Come seek me where my secret’s found
I hold the key to love unbound
A moment only needed look
An open heart with open book.”

He presented her with a copy of Half Blood Price that was bookmarked to the “Unbreakable Vow” chapter. There was a hole cut for a snitch locket that held the ring.

The most amazing part to me is the engraving on the snitch locket – “I open at the beginning.” Wow. The groom also realized after the fact – thanks to some Redditors – that the ring the couple chose also looks quite a bit like Ravenclaw’s diadem. Awesome!

Congrats to the happy couple, and good on you for making it personal (and nerdy!).


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