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Vendor Interview: Mountain Musings

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I’m so excited to share my first Nerd-Weddings vendor review. I hope to do a lot of these posts to share information and insight on all of the fabulous nerdy vendors out there on the world wide web.

First up, the awesome Maegan of Mountain Musings on Etsy. I featured one of her gorgeous D20 kanzashi in this Geeky Goodies post, and I was lucky enough to have her answer some questions for the site! Check out her answers, plus more of her amazing work, in the rest of the post.

Tell us about yourself! Do you consider yourself a nerd?: I am absolutely a nerd (though I prefer the term “geek” because of the “biting heads off of chickens” history that it evokes. I know, I’m weird.) I have been involved in one form of RPG or other for the past 13 years continuously, have a level 85 tauren hunter, have built my own Magic the Gathering decks, and play a mean Settlers of Catan. I’m also huge into baking, biking, and trying to get my Kentucky bluegrass lawn to live in the insane, near-rainless summers of Colorado.

Why did you decide to open your business?: I had a little bit of Christmas money and a lot of friends and family saying “you could totally sell that”. So I thought I’d see if I could.

Why did you decide to start adding dice to your hair pieces?: Because I’m an ultra geek. The dice hair sticks came first (though I haven’t made any recently) and were commissioned by a geek girl client and based on a set I’d made for myself. Then I thought “hey, maybe I could put these on some flowers” and that’s when the first evolution of my lucky lotuses was born. Eventually I added the second ring of petals and started using D20’s (before I’d been using just D10’s, D100’s and D8’s). The current version of the lotuses were born out of my desire to see a red D20 on a flower. The guys in my gaming group know to guard their sparkly dice now.

What is your favorite item you’ve ever sold?: That’s a hard one. I really love almost each and every piece I’ve ever made. I really like making my dangly dice flowers. But if I had to pick one I think I’d say it was “Once Upon a Spring Long Gone” which was a custom piece designed to go with a lady’s steampunk doll cosplay.

Do you do custom work? If so, how long in advance should a bride contact you?: I definitely do customs, though hair sticks are subjective to my supplies. Kanzashi are always something I can make. How far in advance you should contact me depends on what you’re wanting. If it’s just a simple single dice lotus (with dice I have in stock) I’d say a two week lead time is enough. If you’d like me to order in dice, design bouquets, make boutineers, and hair flowers for all your bridesmaids then you’re going to have to give me at least two months. I’m also up to the challenge of designing new styles of flowers and hair pieces. I love a challenge.

Anything else you’d like to share?: Thanks for featuring me! I love all things geeky, so this was a blast.

Thanks again to Maegan for answering out questions.
Mountain Musingsmain storefront, “dice” category, and previous sales (including commissions). Please check out Mountain Musings if you’re interested in a gorgeous hair accessory, with or without dice! All of her work is amazing.


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