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Geeky Goodies: Nerdtastic Cake Toppers


The internet (okay, Etsy) is a treasure trove of creativity and people who are better at sculpting, painting, and just all around crafting than me. Click through to check out 9 amazing nerdy wedding cake toppers (plus a bonus, delicious steampunk goody that I had to include!).

1. Custom Dino Love cake topper by The Air Castle on Etsy – Do you need any adorable animals for your wedding cake? If so, I suggest the dinos (favorite!), the peas in a pod (ok, not animals, but Toy Story wedding, anyone??) or these freaking adorable sloths. SO CUTE.
2. Metal Heart Emoticon by Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy – Who doesn’t show their love daily with the beloved “less than three” symbol? Bonus – it can also be used as table decor!
3. Cute Zombie Wedding Cake Toppers by licoricewits on Etsy – How cute are these zombies? Also, CTHULU. So, that’s rad.
4. 8-bit Pacman and Ms. Pacman by WinWolfz on Etsy – 8-bit wedding cake toppers. Need I say more? This seller also offers other classic 8-bit favorites, like Link & Zelda or Mario & Princess Peach.
5. Wall-e and Eve Wedding Cake Topper by AnnaCrafts on Etsy – Wall-e is a stunning movie, and this cake topper capture the main characters so perfectly. Also, how adorably twee is that strand of lights?
6. Dalek Bride and Groom by Haus of Ariella on Etsy – TINY DALEKS. Enough said.
7. Silver and Gold Robots in Love by Indigo Twin Weddings on Etsy – There are a lot of robot cake toppers on Etsy, but something about this pair stood out to me. I think it’s the details, and their super cute facial expressions, like they’re surprised to be on top of a cake. This seller also offers a ton of other gorgeous, customizable toppers, like SHARKS. Yes, sharks.
8. Dragon Egg Wedding Cake Topper by Lady in Red on Etsy – Yes, those are Dany’s dragon eggs. Yes, you can have them on top of your wedding cake (but only if you beat me to getting them in your Etsy cart).
9. Beetlejuice Wedding Cake Topper by Mike1968 on Etsy – This might be my favorite Etsy find of all time. It’s just so crazy, but so perfect. Lydia Deetz may have been one of my childhood idols, so this is just amazing.

Bonus item!These edible keys (by Andie’s Specialty Sweets) are fantastic. They’re super pretty, and you could use them on your cake, to decorate cupcakes, or even as favors. Plus, they’re super versatile and could be used for all sorts of different weddings – steampunk-inspired, Harry Potter (add tiny wings?), the list goes on.


2 thoughts on “Geeky Goodies: Nerdtastic Cake Toppers

  1. Sweet blog! Nerdy weddings are the best. Are those robot cake toppers a Machinarium reference?

    Zebrafish Events

  2. These are geektastic for sure, but they are SO cute!

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